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Graffiti in an abandoned mental institution.

this is haunting

Pink Floyd - Time
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And that’s exactly why you framed him and made it look like he did it. A much better deal then say, DIVORCE, RIGHT COURTNEY? - Fucking Christ! The fact that Courtney Love is proud of this quote.. The fact that she even said it!.. The fact that she continues to exploit the shit out of him, re-create a history with oozing drama, flat out lies and pounds of flattery just so she can cash in and stay in the press- It’s repulsive. She legitimately has no dignity or respect for other people. I’m not a violent person, but if I had the chance to beat the shit out of her, I would probably enjoy it immensely.

“I just don’t understand it. I’ve never really tried to do anything ‘scandalous’ in my life and I just can’t help to want to beat them to their death. I’m a firm believer in revenge, and that there’s a time and place for violence. I mean obviously I have a lot to lose right now and I won’t do it, but I have all the rest of my life. Before I die, many will die with me, and they will deserve it. See you in hell.”

Kurt Cobain didn’t appreciate how the press relished in scandals about his personal life. He hated journalists like Charles Cross and he continues to be exploited by Courtney Love. It’s fucking gross.